Humanitarian Services

Our Humanitarian Services

This health-enhancing, viable project is a mission of mercy that shall economically uplift many people and communities. The project shall save millions of lives by providing a new standard of healthcare based on MyShroom®’s superior nutrition that raises community health conditions and standards while economically uplifting households across the country. Hundreds of thousands of jobs shall be created and better health conditions shall be facilitated for millions in the United States and the world. Superior in collaboration with the licensor, Mycol Discoveries, LLC aims to make the United States of America, in conjunction with its international partners and subsidiaries, the world’s leading provider of trusted, uncontaminated, high efficacy, medicinal mushroom produced in a sterile environment.

The superior nutrition supports cell biology to produce the chemistry to improve cell to cell communication thus the body can then fight and repair more accurately. This venture that is life-changing, health and wellness enhancing, and economically boosting. It benefits all Americans and indeed all people, but particularly those with life threatening, debilitating health-challenges, and the addicted, malnourished and undernourished communities across the world by providing the product, MyShroom®, to support health and by creating regional business growth opportunities such as agro-allied business spin-offs and services. The venture will significantly boost the GDP of the cities and counties where the facilities will be located, create thousands of jobs across America and the world and provide a new nutritional standard of use when incorporated in foods and beverages.

Famine – The malnourished: Our mission is to support health through superior nutrition provided by these products, help alleviate pain and reduce malnourishment worldwide.

By administering our high efficacy, MyShroom® medicinal mushroom, Immune Health blend to malnourished victims including refugees experiencing the scourge of famine and and fleeing war torn areas these victims can be restored to acceptable levels of good health in a fraction of the time taken by traditional and orthodox methods. Restoration of the victim is achieved in a short time without and toxicity or side effects. The restoration is not just of the victims body but also of their minds having a positive effect on reducing stress and treating PTSD.